about glossgirl

I’m just your everyday kind of girl.

I work full time, like to spend time with my friends and family.

I’m just your everyday kind of girl who happens to love lip products.

Gloss, stick, balm. All of it.

So, one day I ran out of my favorite lip balm that I wear every night when I go to sleep. It’s my favorite. Feels good, no smell, no taste. Just a really good four-dollar-at-the-most lip balm.

And when I went to my local big chain drugstore to replace it I couldn’t find it. Actually, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I still can’t find it. I did find it online, but I am still determined to find it somewhere.

So this set me on a quest to replace it. Replace my favorite feels good, no smell, no taste, bedtime lip balm. And it was much harder than I thought.

So I started buying new ones. I must have bought and tried fifteen plain old lip balms.

And none of them were the same. And now I had a drawer full of almost-good-enough or really-close-but-not-quite-right lip balms. I wished that I had a way to know before going out and buying so many, what they were really like above and beyond what was on the packaging.

And that’s how glossable.com was born.

We all know how it feels to find that new terrific gloss, or how many places we have our old standbys stashed for quick touch-ups. We all know how it feels to find that perfect shade of red. At least I do. I also love to try new ones.

The site isn’t meant to just review products, and certainly isn’t meant to bash products. It’s meant to inform you. People like different things about different products. I’m here to share that with you and try them out for you. To humbly be your go-to guide for all things glossy.

So here we are, my fellow glossgirls and glossguys. I hope you find glossable.com fun and informative. I’m sure having a blast working on it!

Thanks for stopping by…

smooches and smacks,