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Good day babes! I’m comin’ at ya hard and fast today with this week’s review. So, hold on to your gloss, this is gonna be a quick one.

Why you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya. I picked something this week that seems to no longer be available, so I am going to keep it short and sweet.

I was having a hard time picking a new product for this week’s review, and happened to be in a local Nordstrom Rack. I’m debating about whether or not I want to write about the medspa treatments I have been trying, and I have had facials on the brain… The Rack generally has a decent makeup and product selection, and I thought I would take a look-see and maybe pick up something. I am a multi-tasker!

I was also debating about whether or not to throw you a curveball (glossball?) and tell you about something unexpected – like a mascara! – but I decided to stick with the lips for the moment. It seems that I am being drawn to different products and events that I want to try and write about, so maybe that is what I will do.

Anyhoo… Back to today’s topic.

I left the Rack with a mascara and Urban Decay‘s Urban Vices Lip Kit (and something else that I will definitely be trying and writing about here).

Full disclosure #1: I am not 100% sure how stores like Nordstrom Rack get their inventory. I’ve wondered if they get surplus inventory, discontinued items, items that are current but have new packaging or branding, etc. I did hesitate for a moment and almost didn’t buy this palette. The discounted price was $4.97 and I did wonder for a second if this was an old line (like more than two years old), and if it was, was the product going to be ok. *Red Flag #1* I happened to be thinking with my pocketbook that day, and I was hoping I could spread some good cheer about a great discount on a great product. I may have missed the mark with that decision.

When I started doing research on the Urban Vices Lip Kit, I quickly realized that it was not available on the Urban Decay website. There were other Vice products, but not this one. *Red Flag #2* 

Maybe I should have stopped there. But, my loyal glossbabes, sometimes you have to soldier on and stick to the decisions you’ve made.

Like I said above, I’m gonna make this short:

I did not like this palette at all.

Full disclosure #2: I did not even wear these out of the house.

Here are the reasons why (in no particular order):

  1. The first color (Pandemonium) stained the brush. It almost stained my vanity top when the brush mistakenly rolled.
  2. It was extremely dry after it was applied and dried out my lips. I could see if this was supposed to be a stain, which will sometimes do that, but this immediately sunk into my skin and caused lines to appear. I thought it might have been about to bleed out, but I took it off before it had the chance.
  3. The colors seemed dated – which was *Red Flag #3* that this was a surplus or had been around for awhile. Now, I now UD is known for colors that stand out and are not what I would consider neutrals, but these just did not work for me. I liked one of four – Backtalk (far right on the palette), but the formula was too problematic to consider using it every day.

I really like Urban Decay’s other products, especially their Naked eyeshadows. They are practically a must-have. I also like their eyeshadow primer (the original) and their setting spray is supposed to be great (I have not tried it). I had never tried one of their lip products, and truth be told, I picked this one partially because of the price. Normally, their products can be a bit pricey, and to buy something for less than $5 and not like it is much easier to palate (hee, hee, see what I did there…) that buying something for $15-20+ and not liking it.

There are some other Vice options currently available on their site, so the line is still around, but the Urban Vices is not. Maybe there are reasons why…

I’ve made a decision to not give this one a rating. I went back and forth and decided that I didn’t want to give it zero smacks (I don’t even have a graphic for zero!!), so I am going to just chalk this one up to a case of you get what you pay for. Sadly, Vice wasn’t nice…

‘Til next time,
smooches & smacks,
💋 💋 💋



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