sugu beauty hydrating gel lip mask

Hey babes! Comin’ at ya live on a Thursday from the glossable studio!

Now we all know how important lips are to me and I have been wanting to try something new. And guess what, today’s the day!

Today’s review was a checkout aisle impulse purchase – not to worry though babes, it was only $5.00 – and I was really looking forward to trying this.

“What could it be?” you ask.

Well, I’m gonna tell ya!

I purchased the Sugu Beauty Hydrating Gel Lip Mask on the same day I bought the Urban Decay Urban Vices Lip Kit. Now, I love a good sheet mask, or a peeling mask, or even a good old-fashioned slather-on, wash-off mask. But, I don’t think I had ever seen a lip mask. I grabbed it on my way out.

Let’s just stop for a minute, because I have a question.

Do my glossbabes know about K-Beauty? Yes? No?

Well, if you do, you can skip the next sentence (hee, hee, don’t skip it. I’m just kidding!)

Chance are you have heard of K-Beauty, but if you haven’t, the K stand for Korean, and K-Beauty refers to the wide array of Korean beauty products that have become popular over the years. You can find a good K-Beauty 101 here. People swear by their masks (snails! gold!) and other products and are a lot of fun to shop through.

Anyhoo, I was not sure what to expect from this mask, given that there are so many types of Korean-made masks.

Let’s just say I was not prepared for what I saw when I opened the package…

You could definitely tell that there was something in the package. I assumed it was the aforementioned tray.

The instructions simply state to “Remove the lip mask from the tray and apply it to clean lips”. Simple, right, babes?

Now, that meant one thing to me.

I think I meant something else to Sugu.

Inside the package was what looked like a foil-wrapped, clear pair of lips. I assumed it was going to be like a whitestrip – you peel the piece away from the foil and place it on your teeth. I assumed that inside the foil would be something that was going to be easy to either slather on (á la a wash-off mask) or place on (á la a sheet mask).

Now babes, I think you know me well enough by now to see where I might be going with this… things did not go as expected!

To my surprise, inside the pouch was a giant pair of silicone lips.








Giant, floppy, goopy, dripping lips.

The simple instructions were even illustrated on the package, but it was hard to tell exactly what I was supposed to do with them.

** P.S. Sugu: You need to fix that illustration to show how big these lips are! **

I couldn’t tell which side was supposed to adhere to my skin. I tried one side. They slid off.

I tried the other side. They slid off.

And keep in mind the visual: they were huge! And they would not stay on my face!

I tried a bunch of times. I sat down with my head back, but still no luck. I even laid down on my bed with them on and the goop dripped down the back of my neck!

What’s a glossbabe gotta do around here to get her lips masked?

In the end, I wound up slathering the goop on my lips and let it stay for a minute. I was supposed to leave it for 10-20, but I couldn’t take it. I thought it might start drying like a regular mask might, but no. I licked my lip to see if I tasted cherry, but nope, just something chemically.

This mask just didn’t work for me or maybe I was just doing it wrong, or it was not supposed to adhere like a traditional mask. I was a sad, sad glossbabe, because, l really was looking forward to some good lip masking.

So, babes, like last time, I hate to give it zero smacks, so no rating for Sugu. I am going to try and give the giant lips second life as a makeup applicator. And, I would definitely try another of their products. I will keep you update you on my progress. Maybe I will see what insight Insta might be able to share.

Let’s hope our next product will make up for the last two!

Til next time,


UPDATE: The giant silicone lips did not work as a makeup applicator. They ripped in two the first time I tried. Whomp, whomp.



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