sally hansen vita-c lip plumper

Hey babes!

So I was walking down my favorite aisle at Walgreen’s the other day (can you guess which one? wink, wink), looking for a product that Sally Hansen sells, and what did I stumble across but this little orange tube that stopped me in my tracks.

Now that doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, I know that I am a goner. Shopping list be damned. I must have you little orange tube…

This particular product is part of a new lip line from Sally Hansen called Vita Lip Care and includes 3 other products, a Moisturizer, a Soother, a Smoother. Now, you might be asking, “Hey, glossgirl, I thought Sally Hansen is a nail polish company, what the what are they doing with lip products?” And that, my babes, is a good question. A couple of years ago, they expanded their brand (and bought out a few other product lines from other companies), and now offer all types products.

Anyhoo, the packaging was fairly simple (simple=green=good), labeled the product ‘New’ and claimed to ‘visibly plump thin lips’ because it ‘contains a nutrient complex with vitamin C know to stimulate collagen production, as micro sponges plump with moisture for fuller looking lips’, and states that it could be worn alone, or under another lip color (it goes on clear). Truth be told, that was what I was most excited about, the fact that this plumper – which is shaped like a regular lipstick and feels like a balm – could be used under other sticks and glosses.

Now, I love a good plumper. I love that tingly feeling that you get when you put one on. I was so excited to get this on that the minute I left the store and got back in my car, I wiped off my lips, ripped open the package, put it on, and waited. I sat there in my car looking into the rearview mirror, waiting for the plumping. And I waited. And I waited some more.

It felt nice on my lips, and had a pleasant whiff of tangerine (but no taste, which for me is a good thing). It didn’t tingle either, which, at the time,  I truly thought was a good thing. I know that some of you out there can’t use plumpers because they sting too much or cause irritation. Because this one didn’t have that effect, I was truly hoping to have found something that could be an alternative for glossbabes with sensitive lips. Not to mention the idea that this product could be used with any other stick or gloss.

After I got home, I rushed to the mirror (objects in rearviews often appear larger than they after all, or so we are told…) to check to see if it looked like it had plumping effect. I wiped it off and reapplied, thinking maybe I just missed it before as I sat in my car (what about those ‘instant’ results?). I stood there for a good 5 minutes. No tingle, no plumping. Nothing. Just a nice, balmy, smooth feel. Not even the nice tangerine smell that I got when I first opened the tube.

Hmmm, I thought. I guess this was too good to be true. This was not the holy grail of lip plumpers that I was hoping it to be. It was a decent balm at best, although it included no sunscreen protection. But for $6.99, there are lots of other good balms out there that are cheaper and include sunscreen.

Now perhaps over time this would have made some kind of difference. Vitamin C is known to stimulate collagen, but its effects happens over time, not instantly, and this packaging claimed instant results. Seemed like a bit of a contradiction to me.

After my week of using it, I saw no difference. Sad to say, but I was pretty disappointed in this one. I’ll hold on to it though, stash it somewhere, and use it as a spare, inside the house balm (no sunscreen).

Sally Hansen does offer, however, a few other lip plumping products with color, and one other brush-on plumping product that I may have to go back and try just because I am still on the search for that holy grail, or should I say holy plumper…

All in all, because of the deflated (get it – deflated?) results, high-reaching claims, and mixed packaging messages, I am giving Sally Hansen Vita-C Lip Plumper one out of five smacks, not so glossable.

smooches and smacks!

Originally published 5/9/11.



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