our methodology

Our methodology is pretty simple. I buy products, I try them out and I write about them.

I put them through my daily routine so I can get a true sense of each one. I get ready in the morning, have my coffee, really just go through my normal day. All the while keeping track of things like staying power, color retention, and general usability like how often I have to reapply, and how it feels, smells and tastes. I also use each product for a minimum of two days and I only use one a time. Then, I give each area a score from one to five. I add up the scores in each area, find the average, and voila! Each product has its rating that I include with the review. I like to call it the “glossability index”.

One smack = not so glossable
Two smacks = a little glossable
Three smacks = good and glossable
Four smacks = great and glossable
Five smacks = überglossable

We post reviews on Thursdays, and during the week we might share something else that we think is glossable and sharable.

That’s really about it. It’s pretty simple, but there is definitely a method to all my glossy madness. And a whole lot of fun.

BTW: If you are a glossgirl or glossguy who likes details, I’ve listed all the areas I take into consideration in the FAQ section.