glossable returns!

Dear glossbabes:

After a long, long dormancy, I’m excited to share that glossable is back and we’ll be posting new reviews and new content right here on this brand new website.

Although it’s been quite a while, I was never quite able to let go of the site, even though I had let it fall to the wayside. We get busy, and other things take priority, but never has my love for all things glossable waned.

What had waned though, was the technology that the old site was built on, so that helped me decide whether or not I was serious about this because I would have to invest in something new.

I’ve thought about this site many times over the years, and truth be told, the fact that Beauty Bash has come back around was what really reignited the flame to create more content and bring the site back to life.

This site has been redone and just relaunched, so I happily welcome¬† you to take a stroll through. All of the old content is here (tagged as “legacy review” and with an “originally published” date noted) and new content will be posted here. You can also check us out on Twitter and Instagram.

Our first new product review will be out on Thursday, April 11. I invite you to come back and check it out.

As always, smooches & smacks,



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