How do I choose products?

I choose products in a bunch of ways. I browse the stores a lot. I look out for ads on tv and in magazines for new products. I’ll try the two dollar drugstore brand, and I’ll try the expensive brand from the high-end cosmetic and department stores. Sometimes I’ll choose something randomly. Nothing is off limits. And just for full-disclosure, I work in marketing (in my real life) and sometimes I’ll try something based on its branding and packaging. I find it curious to see it the product actually matches the hype.

Do you get paid to review products?

Absolutely not. If I were to get paid to review a product, then I would be biased. And that is the last thing I want to to be or even appear to be. I write about lip products because I love to. And, of course I love to try new ones. Also, from time to time I may mention where I bought something, but again, these mentions are part of my review, not a plug or endorsement of any particular retail outlet.

What is the “glossability index”?

The glossability index is really just the final score that I give each product I review. I was just calling it that to myself when I was building the site, but it kind of stuck.

How did I come up with the ratings?

I rate each product in separate categories, on a scale of one to five, then them add up and figure out the average. The categories are: color and pigment, texture, staying power, the coffee test (how it holds up against my coffee cup), wearability, portability, palatability (taste and feel), SPF, gloss factor, and “smack factor” (which is kind of ambiguous, but you know it when you know it).

What do the ratings mean?

One smack = not so glossable
Two smacks = a little glossable
Three smacks = good and glossable
Four smacks = great and glossable
Five smacks = überglossable

What is the lip balm I ran out of and still can’t find that started this whole thing?

Well, if I told ya, I’d have to smootch ya, and we can’t have that now, can we?