sugu beauty hydrating gel lip mask

Hey babes! Comin’ at ya live on a Thursday from the glossable studio!

Now we all know how important lips are to me and I have been wanting to try something new. And guess what, today’s the day!

Today’s review was a checkout aisle impulse purchase – not to worry though babes, it was only $5.00 – and I was really looking forward to trying this.

“What could it be?” you ask.

Well, I’m gonna tell ya!

I purchased the Sugu Beauty Hydrating Gel Lip Mask on the same day I bought the Urban Decay Urban Vices Lip Kit. Now, I love a good sheet mask, or a peeling mask, or even a good old-fashioned slather-on, wash-off mask. But, I don’t think I had ever seen a lip mask. I grabbed it on my way out.

Let’s just stop for a minute, because I have a question.

Do my glossbabes know about K-Beauty? Yes? No?

Well, if you do, you can skip the next sentence (hee, hee, don’t skip it. I’m just kidding!)

Chance are you have heard of K-Beauty, but if you haven’t, the K stand for Korean, and K-Beauty refers to the wide array of Korean beauty products that have become popular over the years. You can find a good K-Beauty 101 here. People swear by their masks (snails! gold!) and other products and are a lot of fun to shop through.

Anyhoo, I was not sure what to expect from this mask, given that there are so many types of Korean-made masks.

Let’s just say … keep on reading...