glossfacts: shine on you crazy glossbabe

Hey babes! Hope your weekends were glossy and you’re headed into a good week.

It’s hard to believe that a single gloss or stick can contain dozens of ingredients. What’s not hard to believe is that exact blends are usually veryclosely guarded secret.

Ingredients usually fall into a few simple categories: waxes, oils and fats, emollients, and pigments. The different types of waxes used in lipstick include beeswax, paraffin and carnauba wax. Wax stabilizes the stick and allows it to be molded into shape. There are also a number of different types of oils used in lipstick manufacturing, including lanolin oil, castor oil, olive oil and cocoa butter.  The oils and fats in lipstick keep it just the right texture – soft enough to apply but firm enough to keep it from melting. Emollients make the lipstick more moisturizing to your lips, and they may include vitamin E and aloe vera.  It’s all very tricky and confusing.

But here’s a quick fact that easy to remember the next time you go shopping for something new and shiny:

Look for products that contain castor oil. Fifty percent of all lip products contain it and it is a key ingredient to a shiny lip. The castor oil forms a tough, shiny film when it dries and helps to prolong the shine in sticks and glosses. Just keep in mind that the castor oil is for the shine, not necessarily to create a tough outer layer. That depends on the secret mix between the oil and the wax.

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