glossable returns!

Dear glossbabes:

After a long, long dormancy, I’m excited to share that glossable is back and we’ll be posting new reviews and new content right here on this brand new website.

Although it’s been quite a while, I was never quite able to let go of the site, even though I had let it fall to the wayside. We get busy, and other things take priority, but never has my love for all things glossable waned.

What had waned though, was the technology that the old site was built on, so that helped me decide whether or not I was serious about this because I would have to invest in something new.

I’ve thought about this site many times over the years, and truth be told, the fact that Beauty Bash has come back around was what really reignited the flame to create more content and bring the site back to life.

This site has been redone and just relaunched, so I happily welcome  you to take a stroll through. All of the old content is here (tagged as “legacy review” and with an “originally published” date noted) and new content will be posted here. You can also check us out on Twitter and Instagram.

Our first new product review will be out on Thursday, April 11. I invite you to come back and check it out.

As always, smooches & smacks,
glossgirl… keep on reading...

bare escentuals webcast recap

Hi babes, and a Happy Monday to you all!

So, I had the opportunity on Friday night to attend a live Bare Escentuals webcast at QVC Studio Park in West Chester, PA. I was super-excited to have been invited to their very first webcast, especially after not being able to get tickets to this year’s Beauty Bash. Tickets had sold out in under a minute – that was not a very glossy day, babes – and I tried, tried, tried to find a way to get tickets, but ultimately came up empty-handed. Anyhoo, the webcast was scheduled  from 9:00-9:30 pm and started directly after their on-air broadcast segment with besties QVC host Lisa Robertson, BE founder Leslie Blodgett, and BE’s Jessica Foust. QVC is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year, and BE was chosen to celebrate along with them as part of their “25 to Watch” program.

We were asked to show up no later than 8:15 so that the group had time to check in, get through security, and take the ten or so minute walk through the building to get to the studio. The group was smaller than I had expected, about 24 or so fans and customers randomly selected from the BE customer database. The event was organized nicely. The team who greeted and managed the group was friendly, explaining to the group what was to be expected. We were all given the opportunity to fill out a question card for Lisa and Leslie, to be asked and answered live in the studio during the webcast if … keep on reading...

qvc beauty bash recap

Last Sunday I took a ride out to West Chester, PA to QVC Studio Park to attend this year’s Beauty Bash, an annual event that showcases the QVCbeauty brands, and gives attendees the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the faces behind the brand, see new products, maybe get a facial or a manicure, and of course, collect tons of samples.

This is the second year I’ve attended and the fourth (or fifth) year that QVC has opened its door to connect their viewers with their brands. Considering they raised the ticket price by 50% in this year of continued effect of the recession – $75 up from last year’s $50 – I was curious to see if it would be worth it.

Last year, attendees were given a large cloth shopping bag to carry your loot (veteran attendees actually brought rolling suitcases to guard again arm and back pain), and a checklist so that you knew who was there, and to protect against swag double-dipping (when you were given a sample, it got crossed off the list). This year, we were told that samples would be handed out at the end. I was a tad skeptical, thinking that they were not only raising the price, but also cutting back on the swag.

Truth be told, the changes made to this year’s event were really positive. People didn’t have to stand in long lines to get their samples, there were more hair, makeup and skin care stations set up, and the brand representatives could more easily chat up … keep on reading...