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Happy Thursday to you babes. And today, I’d like to offer a very Happy Thursday to my fellow goddesses too!

“Why?” do you ask, dear glossgirl?

Well, I’ll tell ya! (You didn’t think I’d leave ya hanging did ya?)

Today’s review is Almay’s Goddess Gloss and I have to tell ya, the way I picked this on was not just on instinct, but because of marketing (of all things) that caught my eye. Now, I’ll tell a little secret about myself. I’ve working in marketing for a long time, and, shhhhh…., wait for it….:  I. Don’t. Like. Being. Marketed. To.  

But, as I was running through my local CVS picking up a few things, I decided to swing by the Almay section.

I like Almay products. I like a lot of their products, but I had never used one of their lippies. At least not that I can remember. So, as I swing around the corner to check out their selection, what smacked me right in the eyeballs (and that’s what marketers are after, ya know?) but signage for the Almay Goddess Gloss.



I was intrigued. And, truth be told, a little annoyed that the *marketing* worked on me. (Secret: I like to think that I am unmarketable to). I like to go my own way, ya know? Beat to my own drum?

Anyhoo, I was snared in their trap and decided to take one home.

Magic: bottom row, far right. Flame: bottom row, second from left. Halo: bottom row, second from right.

I chose Magic, which, in the tube, is a coppery coral. I will say, that in the tubes, the color choices don’t look like something I would have chosen. In the tube, they look very bright and highly pigmented, and are very bright – they even one that is navy. And, they have certain prismatic look that I wasn’t initially sure about (not being seventeen and all…).

On Almay’s website, the gloss is described as a “prismatic gloss that gives you a fun, holographic glow that looks downright ethereal. The twelve sheer shades are super shiny, but don’t feel sticky.

They are made to be worn solo, or layered over lipstick with interesting effects. The site also has a How To Use It section that gives some interesting options, including mixing shades or creating an ombré look.

Now, I can never, ever wait to try a new lip product, and this one I have to say, I was not sure of, because of the color. I generally go for neutrals, and this copper shade, and the fact that it looked so pigmented, had me a little worried.

So, there I sat, in my car, in the CVS parking lot, applying my new purchase. I like to apply in my car because you can see how it looks in natural light right away. And, babes, I have to tell ya, I liked what I saw. The copper did not overpower, and actually seemed more neutral than I expected.

It felt great too. Great smackability without being too thick or sticky. The color lasted too. Through coffee and even some staying power through lunch, which I found impressive.

After a couple of days of using it, I liked this gloss enough that I wanted to try another one of the colors. I am always trying to find a perfect red for everyday – one that is not too dark or striking, or too matte or too fast-wearing. These glosses were sheer enough that I had a feeling they would offer just the right amount of color.

I wound up going back and buying Flame (the most red of the bunch)  and Halo (white in the tube, but sheer shine when you put it on). I bought Halo because I thought it might work well over a darker stick to give it some shine and lighten up a darker color.

Now, babes, it’s time to issue a warning. Although these are sheer, in natural light, you can definitely see the prismatic effect. And maybe even a little glitter. The lighter color you choose, the more evident the prismatic. On Magic and Flame it is toned down, but on Halo it is very visible, so much so that I would probably not use Halo much, even over a darker color. Halo – almost immediately – pinged a long ago memory of the sheer, purply-prism Wet-n-Wild nail polish from back in the day. Anyone remember that one??

Halo also had a strange scent that the other two didn’t have and felt thinner in consistency. Maybe the pigment in Flame and Magic made it thicker, I don’t know, but Halo definitely had a different feel on my lips.

All in all, Almay’s Goddess Gloss was a decent find at a decent price. I would keep in mind the prismatic nature of the gloss and the color palette that is available. If you decide to try one of the other colors, give me a shout and let me know how they worked for you. I am giving Almay’s Goddess Gloss three out of five smacks, good and glossable.



Til next time babes!







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