think gloss-cession, not re-cession!

The stock market is still crazy, and who knows when we will hit a upswing. I have some friends who have been caught in the crossfire of the tough times we have all grown to know (and not love) and I got to thinking about appreciating the small things that we sometimes overlook.

I know, I know. It’s still tough out there. My “real job” is in marketing, remember?

Well, I truly believe in the power of simplicity, and doing a little something simple for yourself every now and then really does help and not hurt.

A little new gloss or stick does a glossbabe good. And you can do it for less than a lunch out.

I used to love to shop, but now that belts are a-tightening, I’ve found that my local Walgreens or CVS can be a fun window shopping excursion – even if it’s just on your lunch break.

I guess my point is that I’ve been having a blast just looking at all the products that are out there. All the colors, shapes, sizes and types. And I’ve found that sometimes something as simple as a new lip product can brighten your day. Especially when you find a new one that you love.

Just a glossy thought for the day. And no, this message is not “brought to you” by anyone other than yours truly.


Originally published 4/29/2009.



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