lipstick queen’s shine hard core lip gloss

My product for today scared me at first. Really scared me. But I knew I had my cousin’s wedding coming up, and that would be a really great time to test it out, but how was I going to pull it off for my everday wear test? Babes, I was nervous, but babes, I was happily surprised.

What could it be, you wonder, that had glossgirl shaking in her stilettos – and her flip flops?

Well, I’ll tell you. Lipstick Queen’s Shine Hard Core Lip Gloss in Black Tie Optional. Wow, that’s a glossy mouthful. Essentially, it’s a black lip gloss. Yes, black.

Lipstick Queen is a brand that was created in Melbourne, Australia in 1992 by a woman by the name of Poppy King, who, as an eighteen year old was searching for an ideal matte lipstick (it was the 90s after all!). She went on to create an entire line of products, work in the New York cosmetics field from 2002, until last year when she went back to her true love – creating high quality and high pigment lip products. Check out her story, she reminds me a little of Bobbi Brown, but in a 1940s, glamour girl way.

[glossnote: I found their website and their branding to be a teensy bit unclear. I’ve tried to include direct links to specific pages, but they aren’t always direct. If you visit the site, use the navigation that is on the top of the site. It’s pretty self-explanatory from there. Don’t want to confuse my glossbabes!]

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think gloss-cession, not re-cession!

The stock market is still crazy, and who knows when we will hit a upswing. I have some friends who have been caught in the crossfire of the tough times we have all grown to know (and not love) and I got to thinking about appreciating the small things that we sometimes overlook.

I know, I know. It’s still tough out there. My “real job” is in marketing, remember?

Well, I truly believe in the power of simplicity, and doing a little something simple for yourself every now and then really does help and not hurt.

A little new gloss or stick does a glossbabe good. And you can do it for less than a lunch out.

I used to love to shop, but now that belts are a-tightening, I’ve found that my local Walgreens or CVS can be a fun window shopping excursion – even if it’s just on your lunch break.

I guess my point is that I’ve been having a blast just looking at all the products that are out there. All the colors, shapes, sizes and types. And I’ve found that sometimes something as simple as a new lip product can brighten your day. Especially when you find a new one that you love.

Just a glossy thought for the day. And no, this message is not “brought to you” by anyone other than yours truly.


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happy tuesday, glossbabes!

Hope you are having a good week so far. I’ve been shopping, shopping, shopping!

I have a bunch of products lined up and I wouldn’t want ya to miss one!

A couple of people have asked me to look out for certain products and I just wanted to say that I am happy to do that, but please either leave me a comment or shoot me an email so I can keep glossy track of them! Lip gloss on a keychain? Now that’s something to look out for.

This Thursday I’ll be writing about the product I tried at my cousin’s wedding, so be sure to check back!

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bobbi brown glitter lip gloss

Hey glossbabes! Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a blast at my cousin’s wedding. It was a very glossy night!

For this week’s Monday review, I chose Bobbi Brown’s Glitter Lip Gloss. I have always really liked her products and her story is pretty interesting too. At least in my humble, yet glossy, opinion.

I am always looking for good work glosses and was excited to try this one out. It comes in nine colors. I chose Baby Pink, which turns out to be, which I didn’t know at the time was a limited edition color, but most closely matches the line’s Soiree Pink that is readily available at Bobbi Brown cosmetic counters at Saks, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, online at the Bobbi Brown site, and on QVC and

As I wore this gloss for a couple of days, I was a little torn about it. I liked the color, I liked the light, cookie-like fragrance (that dissipates quickly which I also like) and the fact that there was no discernible taste. But I was so torn about what I didn’t like, decided to give it an extra day, because I really wanted to try to get over what I was struggling with. Now, I’ve written before how I like a gloss that really sticks to your lips. Really has a smack factor to it. But this one was too heavy even for me. It felt ok going on, it lasted through my coffee, but all through the day I had an overwhelming desire to … keep on reading...

yes to carrots c me smile lip butter

My “real job” is in marketing so I can be a sucker for a pretty package, but I am also pretty quick to see right through if something pretty on the outside has no substance on the inside.

That’s not the case with Yes to Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter. The line caught my eye on the shelf at my local pharmacy as I was looking for something else in the skin care aisle. The Yes to Carrots brand, created in Australia and now based in San Francisco, became available in the U.S. in 2007 and includes a full line of skin care products, with extensions geared towards to skin types: Yes to Carrots (Normal to Dry Skin), Yes to Tomatoes (Oily/Combination Skin), and Yes to Cucumbers (Normal to Sensitive Skin). Catchy, no?

The Yes to Carrots Lip Butter comes in a familiar sized and shaped lip balm container with the oh-so-normal cap and twister bottom. But what I found inside was anything but normal. The butters come in Carrot, Melon, Berry, Mint and Citrus. The one I tried – Carrot, of course – had a light, pleasing scent, although I wouldn’t necessarily identify it as carrot in a blind scent test. It had no flavor whatsoever, which for me is a positive, but for you may not be. I have to admit, I was equally intrigued and skeptical of carrot-flavored lip balm, and was a teensy bit disappointed that it didn’t taste like a carrot.

The butter went on easily after the couple of swipes you always have … keep on reading...

more glossy sections coming!

Thanks to everyone who came out today to check out the site. That was super-glossy of ya! Traffic was pretty high (imho) for the first real day of the launch and I am so excited to get the next review up on Thursday.

Want a hint? What goes good with good Italian bread that’s not good meat or olive oil? Think about it, maybe you’ll win a prize!

But really, thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. I’ve been asked by a couple of people if they should send out the link to their friends. I was a little nervous with that thought, but now I am back to thinking like the glossgirl that I am and saying “Glossbabes, Unite!” Let’s get it out there for others to see and (hopefully) find entertaining and useful information on cool lip products. Forward ho! Or should I say forward glo!

In the next few weeks, I’ll also be working on two new sections that will live up top and will contain tips, tricks, cool stories, and everything I can find on lip gloss, stick, balm, and butters (oops? did I give it away???). I’m working on a sneak peak of those two areas too, and hope to get that out to you soon!

Anyway, thanks so much for your support, and feel free to forward, forward, forward. I’ll owe ya some smooches and smacks when I see ya. Or maybe a Dirty Marty! And don’t forget to check back on Thursday for review #2! It’s another good one!

Love ya!
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bare escentuals buxom babes lip polish

Well glossbabes, here it it. The very first review. I’m so pumped. Or should I say plumped

I couldn’t help it. I had to start off with something that I already knew pretty well. I couldn’t help it because I was admittedly curious to see how my first choice would fare against the glossability index. And I happen to really like this product.

Buxom Babes Lip Polish is a great line of mineral lip polishes with a pretty extensive line of colors. I have a number of them – about 8 different colors – but the one I used for the past couple of days was Starr, one of their four colors that come in their 4 piece Diamond Buxom Babes Mineral Lip Polish kit ($28.00). These mini-sized glosses are sized perfectly for a purse, a clutch, or even a pocket, however, their full-size counterparts are about twice the size, cost $18.00, and are widely available in higher-end cosmetic stores like Ulta and Sephora. They are also available on and on the Bare Escentuals website.

I find all the colors I own to be really flattering on my skin tone which is a bit on the pale, cool side, and I would think that because of the sheerness of the color, most colors would work well for most skin tones. Starr is a sheer red that can be lightly applied for day, or more heavily applied for a more dramatic evening look. The colors are on the sheer side, and the ever-present minerals add a light-diffusing sparkle … keep on reading...

tomorrow’s the big day!

So, I am beyond excited to say that tomorrow is the big day for the launch of!

Everything is going well with the site (after a few not so glossy setbacks), but the first review will be posted.

I have to tell you I am having a hard time trying to keep up with myself. I already have been trying out another product, a working-around-the-house-and-don’t-need-color-but-definitely-need-something-on-my-lips product.

It’s something I randomly picked up at my local pharmacy and I can’t wait to write about that one too!

So, until tomorrow, my fellow glossbabes! smooches and smacks,
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getting close!

Hello fellow glossgirls and glossguys!

I’ve gotten a lot of work done on the site in the last two weeks and  I can’t wait to really get started.

I’ve found a ton of products that I want to try and write about, and I can’t wait to start reviewing and writing. I hope you enjoy, and please let me know if there are things you’d like see on the site. I hope you will participate in the conversation!

I have officially picked my first one and will begin to use it next week. So excited!!

Hint, hint, it’s a gloss!

smootches and smacks,

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get ready to get glossy!

Thanks for stopping by!

Launching in May, and just in time for spring and summer, will bring all you glossgirls (and glossguys!) the best information on new products, and ones we already know and love.

Chockful of useful – and entertaining – information, we’re hoping to become your go-to guide for all things glossy.

In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter @glossable and watch the progress of the site – and maybe even get a sneak peak of one or two reviews!

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