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Hello my dear glossbabes. What a crazy week. Hope you’re hangin’ in there – the weekend’s almost here.

Well, I’m just gonna jump right in to this week’s review because I have a lot to say (shocker!)

Now what I have to say first may shock some (or most) of you. It may have you running for the tomatoes to throw at me, or may have you suggesting that I check myself into an asylum. Hopefully you’ll hang in there with me. Well, here goes:

I’ve never liked MAC. There, I said it.

I’ve. Never. Liked. MAC.

I’ve tried. And tried. And tried. Way back when in the (cough, cough) 90s….. Well, late 90s, I bought my very first “luxury” brand lipstick. MAC had already been in business for awhile, but the word about their lipsticks had just started getting out and becoming popular.

I remember this time distinctly. I remember the person (Hey, Jess!) who first unveiled their very own tube of Lipglass and proceeded to try to initiate me into the cult of MAC.

I had to try it. I needed to know more about it. I had to have it. Little did we know at the time that the only place (or at least how I remember the story going) was that the ONLY place to get MAC was in Toronto, Canada, or maybe Toronto was the only place they had a retail location. Well, anyway, whatever the real reason was, the stars were shining down on me as a work friend just happened to be going to TORONTO!

A bunch of us threw money at her. “We need the Lipglass! We need the Lipglass! Bring back the Lipglass!” we cried.  “And bring me back Icon and Taupe too!” I added, which were two shades of their lipstick that I just had to try. We waited patiently for our dear friend to return to the office with our stash. A few days later, when she did, it was like Christmas in August. Lipglass and lipstick for all. I ripped open my brand new, beautiful lipstick in the beautiful, bullet-shaped case, my life-changing lipstick with the signature scent. My beautiful Icon. I could barely wait to put it on.

And when I did, I almost cried. It didn’t look on like the color I was expecting, It smeared all over, didn’t stay put, and wiped off easy. Take two with Taupe. Same result. take three with the Lipglass. Heavy and sticky and seeped out of the container. I was crushed. Over the next couple of weeks, I really tried to like all three of them, but they eventually were relegated to the bottom of my makeup bag, and then a year or so later (maybe more as I would go back to them occasionally to try again because I really wanted to love MAC as much as everyone else did) got tossed in the trash.

Why am I telling you this, you wonder? Even better, why do I remember this so well? Well, babes, I really wanted to love MAC. Everyone else did. But why didn’t I? Pretty soon, MAC became a household name and for some reason, I never really got over my lack of MAC love. When the retail stores started popping up, I would go in and look, maybe try one on, still wanting to love them, but always up leaving empty-handed.

Fast forward to today. I always knew when I started glossable, I wanted to revisit the “MAC situation” (not to be confused with “The Situation“), I just needed to find the right time and the right product.

So, after long last, I decided that the launch of their new line: All Ages, All Races, All Sexes was the right time. The line became available last Thursday, and after much deliberation about stick or gloss, I hopped on over to Nordstrom to pick up Myself, a slightly shimmery, rosy-toned stick and one of the four lipsticks in the line. I decided on the lipstick because I wanted to confront my long held disdain for them.

When I got to the MAC counter at Nordstrom, the AA, AR, AS display was front and center, but was missing about half of the tester sticks and Lipglasses that make up the line. Myself was missing so I wound up picking up Equality, a pale, pale yellow-beige creamy stick that looked more like a concealer than a lipstick. I figured I was jumping back in the MAC pool, so why not jump in with two feet and choose the shade that I normally would never choose. After all, that’s what glossable is all about right, babes? Trying new things and talking about them.

Well, there I found myself, sitting in my car in the parking lot, unable to wait to get home to try it on. There it was, the familiar case, that familiar scent. I hesitated for a moment as I peered at myself in the rearview mirror. I swiped the lower lip, then swiped the upper lip. Tilted my head in the mirror to get a view from different angles. It had that familiar creaminess and opaque coverage that I found so troublesome in the past. I wiped it off and reapplied, still not sure. The color was very light. I am pretty fair-skinned and Equality ($14) made my lips seem to disappear into the rest of my face. It looked kind of freaky, but I went with it. Now, babes, I know this is long, and I hope you are still with me here; I think you will be happy you stayed.

I drove home trying to resist Urge #1 which was to wipe it off and try again and Urge #2 which was to keep staring at it in the rearview.

MAC’s Collection Looks tool showing Equality

It took a little while to get used to, but after an hour or so, it started to grow on me. Maybe I’ve become more patient, or maybe I’ve learned to take my time, but after I wiped it on and off a few times, I really began to like the way it looked and felt. It really was light. On MAC’s website, they have a tool called “Collection Looks” that you can use to see what each choice in the palette looks like (there are other products in the line: blush, eye and brow pencil, pressed and loose powder). I don’t think the palette accurately portrays Equality, so don’t take it at face value – no pun intended. I can only speak for the lipstick though, not the other products. The color is more accurate on the model in the picture on the All Ages landing page (see the photo above).

I wore Equality all day on Sunday and all day on Monday. I was admittedly a bit self-conscious to go into the office on Monday because of how light it was, but then I thought maybe I was overreacting. When applied lightly, Equality turned out to be really pretty, when applied more heavily, it becomes more of a show stopper. It is a great choice for a night out, especially if you are choosing to go with a heavier or more dramatic eye.

By the end of the day, I was loving it, and when I left the office, I found myself *mysteriously* back at the MAC counter at Nordstroms to see if they had gotten in more stock of the ones that had sold out quickly. Although the rep was very nice and very helpful (she let me stay there for another hour trying on other products without bugging me), she told me that they didn’t have plans to restock the line and what they had in stock was what they had. That disappointed me. I posted a comment to the MAC Facebook Page about the shortage (and I get the supply and demand thing, I am in marketing after all…), but never got a response, a no-no in my book.

So babes, very long story short, I am now a believer. A full-fledged MAC convert, possibly on my way to MAC Addict. My second trip to the counter left my pocket book another $28 lighter after I picked up Viva Glam VI Lipglass (rosy and super-glimmery, or maybe I should say super-glammery) and Venetian Lustreglass (pretty red that is sheerer than it looks in the tube), two products that I am completely in love with and layer beautifully over Equality.

The coverage is great, and for $14, MAC lip products are really an affordable luxury, even in this economy. They have great staying power, and come in tons of colors and finishes. Something for everyone. I could go on, but I have blathered on for far to long this time. MAC also get props for being socially responsible – all proceeds from the Viva Glam line is donated to charity – so far $500,000 has been devoted to help Haiti – and for their “return six, get one free” policy.

In my glossbook, MAC’s Equality Lipstick gets four out of five smacks…  (and I think my new MAC love gets five, but only time will tell…) great and glossable!



s&s, gg

Originally published 1/21/10.



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