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So babes, now that I am jumping back in, I thought my first product should be something that is not just fun and functional, but also at the forefront in the land of product ingredients. And what other product these days is more on than the forefront than CBD. Haven’t heard of it? Well, you soon will as it’s right now all the rage.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and yes, it is found in the marijuana plant, but no, it does not get you high. It is one of the “cannabinoids” found in the cannabis plant. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the one that is better known and the one that causes a high. Both occur naturally in the plant, and both interact with “cannabinoid receptors” that are found in the human body.

If you haven’t yet noticed, CBD products are everywhere. It’s an industry that is growing by the day and it quickly finding its way into health and beauty products. More and more claims are being made each day about the health benefits about using CBD to treat pain, anxiety, depression and a host of other ailments.

Now, babes, I am not a doctor, so I am not endorsing any of these claims. But what I can tell you is that before I picked this product, I had tried about a half a dozen CBD products, including gummies, tinctures, capsules, and yes, even “flower” to help with sleep issues that have plagued me over the years. I finally found one product that really did help (a capsule), so you can chalk me up as a CBD-believer – even though it took me a while to find the right product for me.

Which brings me back to the real reason we’re here, right? Thankfully, the one that works for me I found at a local store, not an online retailer. So, on a return visit, I was talking to the owner about the other CBD offerings, and out of his pocket he pulled a small tube of Gemstonz lip balm.

“Do you use lip balm?” he asked.

Seriously, did he know who he was talking to?

“I do, actually,” I answered.

“You should try this,” he responded as he took a new package from behind the counter. “It’s mango-flavored.”

As I inspected it, pangs of my hibernating glossgirl started knocking on the inside of my ear. Helloooo…

“OK, I’ll give it a shot,” she said. And we happily left with our sleep aid and our balm.

Now, I know this is kind of a long story and you might be saying: “glossgirl, can you please get to the point.” OK, OK. I am just about there…

I have tried a lot of balms. In fact, it was a balm that was a major inspiration for me to start glossable. You can read a couple of other balm reviews here. I have my favorites and not-so-favorites. I have them stashed all over. In the kitchen, in my office, in my car… You get the picture. You might say I’m a balm-ficionado.

On their website, Gemstonz (which also sells other CBD products) describes their Lip It balm as “ultra-moisturizing and amazing on chapped or split lips and even good for minor burns, chapped heels or your dog’s nose”. Also according to their site, the balm is infused with 25mg of hemp CBD extract, contains no THC, is legal in all states, and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

As part of my quest for a CBD-based sleep aid, I did wind up leaning a bit about CBD and how its strengths are measured and displayed on the packaging. It’s kind of confusing. What I did learn, was that the 30mg knocks me right out and that I shouldn’t waste my money on anything else.

What I assume with the balm is that there is 25mg infused throughout the whole stick. I get it, it’s not apples to apples, and I wasn’t expecting the balm to be a sleep aid. In fact, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this balm that you couldn’t find in others. I was hoping for something exciting to tell my babes about.

I carried the balm around with me all week, using it during the day and before bed as I normally do. It went on well, smelled nice, and was tasteless (which I prefer). It stayed on well, even through multiple cups of coffee and I could even still feel it when I woke up in the morning. It’s a decent balm.

As for the benefits of the CBD (which is listed last on the ingredients list), I was a little underwhelmed. There was no noticeable increase in hydration or moisture than any other balm I’ve used. There was no noticeable improvement of the skin texture, color or fullness of my lips when I took it off.

Where there was a noticeable difference was in my pocketbook. I paid $10 for this balm at the CBD store (plus tax!). It lists for $6 on the Gemstonz website (before shipping costs). You can certainly find a comparable balm in your local drugstore for less.

With CBD becoming so popular, it makes sense that this balm went for a premium price (marketing, marketing, marketing). But, was it really worth it? Well, babes, I’ll let you decide for yourselves…

If you are thinking about trying a CBD product, I encourage you to do a little research and try to find someone knowledgeable who can help you and not someone who just wants to sell you an expensive “solution”. I am lucky to have found three local shops owned by people who are passionate about CBD and willing to answer a bunch of questions (I love my questions!). As it becomes more available, the product selections are certain to keep growing, and with that growth, you can guarantee not everyone will have your best interests at heart.

And now, drumroll please… I am giving Gemstonz CBD-Infused Lip Balm two out of five smacks, a little glossable.



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