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Hey there, my glossy little babes… Thursday Review Day is here again! This week’s contender was hatched from, or should I say buzzes in from, a beloved little company called Burt’s Bees.

Yes, I’m sure know you all know them well, but for those you of you who don’t, they are a company that started out in Maine selling honey and beeswax candles out of a cabin and now offer over 150 natural personal care products. Over half of their product line is made with 100% natural ingredients, and they don’t test products or ingredients on animals. If you are one of those curious types, you can read more about them here and m

Burt’s started out with just a lip balm, but now offers a number of other lip products that are widely available. I’ve tried them all at one point or another (a balm, a shimmer stick, and the gloss), but chose to write about their Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss after reading that their very first ingredient is castor oil, which I had mentioned in my post, Shine On You Crazy Glossbabe a couple of weeks ago as an ingredient to look for when looking for a super-shiny gloss. It’s also a new product! This gloss come in six colors, and at $7.49 at Wegmans and $6.99 at CVS, I decided that trying two colors – Berry Pink and Zesty Red – wouldn’t break the bank.

When I first put this gloss on, it felt very oily and thin, which I found strange because it took a good hard squeeze to get it out of the tube. I thought it would be thicker. The tube states the the gloss “moisturizes like a balm, with a juicy fruit flavor and a sheer color gloss”. The first time or two I put it on I tasted the flavor (I don’t love flavors, but maybe you do!) but after the third or fourth time I didn’t, but maybe I just go used to it. The texture is what I would call “loose”, I guess from all the oil. Actually, I might also call it messy. I had to do some clean up around the edges after I put it on. Actually, it seemed as if I had to put a lot on to see the color, which in their defense, is billed as a sheer. The red didn’t look much different from the pink, which also came as a surprise because the red in the tube looked much deeper than what it looks like when it was on. The color is definitely sheer, and there is a very low level of shimmer, but a high degree of shine. Must be all that castor oil!

Once the gloss had a chance to settle and it dried a little, the color looked nice on my lips, if not too much different than each other. It does leave your lips feeling moisturized for a pretty long time, even after drinking coffee. The color definitely needed a touch-up, but the moisture hung in really well.

Normally, a gloss like this wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s a little to thin for me. But, the idea of Burt’s, and their commitment to using natural products and processes, as well as the environment makes them a brand worth trying. They use recycled plastics for their tubes and packaging. Their web site is also chock full of all types of glossy information on how their company and their business model strive to be sustainable and responsible.

All in all, I give Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Color three out of four smacks… good and glossable!



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Originally published 2/4/10.



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